The SMS Notification Module gives users the ability to deliver SMS alarm notifications as text messages via an Airlink LS300 cellular modem configured with a SIM card belonging to an active cellular account.

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[00:00] Let's take a look at how we would setup an SMS notification profile, so that we can send out alarm notifications through SMS messaging. Before we get started, first make sure you have the SMS notification module installed on your gateway. We then want to come to the alarm notifications profiles page and click on the create new alarm notification profile link. We then want to select the SMS notification option, however before we continue, it's important to note that sending out SMS notification messages requires a special piece of hardware, an airlink device that can connect to your network via ethernet and will send out SMS messages using a SIM card. Alternatively, we can also send out SMS messages using Twilio. This requires that you have an account with Twilio, as well as a special Twilio module installed on your gateway.

[00:58] Then instead of selecting the SMS notification option here, you would select a Twilio notification option. I'm going to set up my SMS notification profile with the assumption that I have an airlink device and not a Twilio account. Since I've made my type selection, I'm going to go ahead and click the Next button down at the bottom. We then want to give our notification profile a name, I'm going to call mine SMS, and if we scroll down a little further, we can configure our notification profile. First, we want to specify the airlink host address. This is the IP address that you've assigned the airlink device on your network, mine is "". Next, the send and receive ports are the ports that we're going to use to send and receive messages from the airlink device. We can then choose to enable two-way notification, with the two-way enabled property. This allows users to acknowledge alarms by replying to the SMS message that they receive. To acknowledge the alarms, the message will typically ask the user to respond to the message with a alphanumeric code.

[02:01] However, the numeric only act code setting, will force the acknowledged code in the message to only be a numeric code instead of an alphanumeric code. Since I'm not enabling two-way notification, this setting will not be used. Finally, I can tie in this alarm notification profile with a audit system. This allows events such as SMS messages that go out, as well as acknowledgement messages that we've received to be recorded in the audit log. Once we have everything properly configured, we can hit the button at the bottom that says, "Create new alarm notification profile." You can see that I now have an SMS notification profile setup.

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