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What is Inductive University?

Inductive University is a free online learning platform designed to help you master Ignition by Inductive Automation® SCADA software. With IU, you can watch training videos, test your knowledge, train your organization, and participate in our credential program.

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Learn For Free

Our courses are free for everyone and accessible around the globe, no matter what part of Ignition you're looking to learn.

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Manage Your Team

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Inductive University

Titus Crab, Vertech

“We hire a lot of entry-level engineers. They have raw talent, but don’t know industrial automation. Inductive University helps them know how to use the tool. It teaches them the basics of an industrial system.”

- Titus Crabb, President, Vertech

Charlie Hendrixson, Miller-Eads

“A great feature is that the tests are optional and people can jump in and out as they want. If I want to start with Ignition basics, I can. If I want to jump into reporting, I can.”

- Charlie Hendrixson, Director of Automation and Integration Services, Miller-Eads

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Inductive University was created by Inductive Automation as a free, comprehensive, online training resource for anyone interested in learning how to use the Ignition software platform.