Learn how to add users to Ignition who can receive alarms. Each user has a name and contact information in order for Ignition to contact them. Users can receive alarm notifications in SMS, phone (voice dialout), and email.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] When configuring alarms to use the alarm notification system, you need to make sure that you have contact information entered into Ignition for the users that you're trying to notify. Each user profile in Ignition can store things like an email address, a number to use for SMS messaging, and a number to use for voice messaging. To do this we need to log into the Configure section of the Gateway webpage, and then go down to the Users and Roles link under SECURITY. We then need to take a look at some of the users in one of our user sources. I'm just going to look at the default user source. So I'm going to click on the manage users button over on the right here. If I scroll down a little bit you can see that I already have some users set up and that one of them already has an email address as well. Let's take a look at how we can add some contact information to the user Mary Watson. First, I'm going to go over and click on this edit link next to Mary's name. We then want to scroll down to the bottom to take a look at some of these other properties. You can see I can enter in some contact info right here in the middle of the page. Let's go over some of these other properties that are important for notification as well. First, there's the Schedule property. Here we can select what schedule this person is using. This user's schedule is set to Always, which means they're always going to be active. However, some user can have a schedule that makes them sometimes active and sometimes not active. If a notification is supposed to be sent out to a user, and that user is not active, then the notification won't go out to them. This allows you to set up a schedule for each of your employees, so that when they're not on the job you don't get notified about an alarm. We'll go over how to actually configure a schedule in the next video. There's also the language property. With voice notification it's possible to have different voice modules installed, providing many different languages that you can call out with. If you do have multiple languages installed the voice notification will use the language that's most closely associated with that user's set language. In this case Mary's language is set to English so it would use the English voice if possible. We can of course add contact information right here under the Contact Info section and then under Extended Properties there is a Security PIN property. This allows you to set up a security PIN for this particular user. With voice notification, you can then force the user to enter in their security PIN before they receive the actual alarm notification message. This can ensure that the user on the other line is actually the user that the alarm notification is intended for. Let's go back and add some contact info for Mary. I first want to click the Add Contact Info link right here. We then need to select the type of notification that we want. I'm going to select email first. And here in the text field I'm going to enter in Mary's email address, We then want to make sure we hit the Save link over here on the right of the page. Now that Mary's email address has been saved, I can click the Save Changes button down at the bottom, to save all of my changes, or I can hit the Add Contact info link again, to add some more contact info. This time in the drop-down I'm going to select an SMS type notification and in the value, I'm going to enter in Mary's phone number, 123456789. Again we need to make sure we hit the Save link over on the right side of the page, and now that I'm done entering in her contact information, I can scroll down to the bottom and click the Save Changes button. If I scroll down again and take a look at my user Mary, you'll notice that she now has some contact information that will be used for alarm notification. You may also notice that it shows each type of contact info that the user has. Mary has an email address and an SMS number, so she can receive alarm notifications via email notification or SMS notification. However John Smith only has an email address listed. So he can only receive alarm notification through email notification.

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