Learn how to unactivate an Ignition Gateway with an internet connection and without an internet connection.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] If I ever wanted to unactivate the license on my Ignition Gateway, there's two ways that I can go about doing it. The first way is a little bit easier, but requires that my Ignition Gateway have an active internet connection. The second way, while a little bit more complex, does not require that I have an active internet connection on my Gateway computer. Regardless, to get started, we're first going to want to log into the CONFIGURE section of the Gateway webpage, and then go over to the Licensing page on the left here. You'll notice that I have my license already loaded in with all of my modules in it. You'll also notice that there's a couple of buttons over here to the right of the license, and you'll notice one of them is button that has a trash can symbol that says "Un-activate License" when you hover over it. Both methods of unactivation require that I hit this button, so I'm going to do that now, and it's going to prompt me to confirm that I actually want to unactivate. For the online unactivation method, that's all you need to do, and at that point, you're done with unactivating the license on your Gateway. However, if I don't have an active internet connection on my Gateway, it won't be able to do that crucial second step, which is reaching out to Inductive Automation's licensing servers and letting us know that it can be used again on another Gateway. Because of this, we have to do things a little bit differently to successfully unactivate our license and be able to use it again on another Gateway. We still want to hit this Yes, Unactivate button here, but when we do this, it's going to try to reach out to Inductive Automation's licensing servers, and it's not going to work. When it recognizes that it didn't work, it's going to leave an unactivation message text file as a download. It has placed mine in my Downloads folder, but you'll have to double-check where your browser downloads files. We can also see that it's successfully unactivated the license from my Gateway, the difference being, it just hasn't reached out to the Inductive Automation's licensing servers yet. That's what that unactivation text file is for. For these next few steps, you're going to want to take the unactivation text file and put it on a flash drive and take it to a computer that does have internet access. Unfortunately, I can't really demonstrate that in the video, but in practice, these next few steps would be done on a different computer. Once I have that text file transferred to a computer that does have internet access, I am then going to go to Induction Automation's website. Once here, we're going to want to go to the Support tab, and we're going to want to go to the Activate/Unactivate Ignition link here. Once we're at this page, we're going to scroll down, and we're going to see that there's an Unactivate Ignition section. It's asking for a file. We're going to select the file that we had transferred over from our previous Gateway. Once we have that file selected, we're then going to hit Upload Unactivation Notice. We should then see a message up at the top that lets us know we've successfully uploaded our unactivation. What uploaded this text file has done is alerted Inductive Automation licensing servers that you have unactivated a license. And it will allow this license to be used again on another Gateway. Doing this, we'll have completed the offline unactivation process.

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