Unactivating a License


Learn how to unactivate an Ignition Gateway.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to take a look at how we can unactivate a license from our gateway. To unactivate the license from our gateway, we would need to come into the Configure section of our gateway webpage. Once here, we can go to the Licensing page where we should see our applied license. To unactivate the license, we simply need to go to the right hand side and click on the Unactivate button which looks like a little trashcan symbol. Once we click on that, it will confirm that we want to unactivate our license from the gateway. I'll go ahead and click Yes. And this will have removed the license from the gateway as well as give it another grant in Inductive Automation servers. Now, because I had an internet connection here, the unactivation process happened automatically. But if I didn't have an internet connection, I would need to go through with offline unactivation. Offline unactivation is actually very similar to offline activation. The gateway will download an unactivation file that we need to bring to Inductive Automation's website to the Activate or Unactivate Ignition page. We can then upload that file to the Unactivate Ignition section and hit the Upload Unactivation Notice button. This will let Inductive Automation servers know that you have unactivated your gateway, and it will give the license key a new grant. Now, unactivating a license can be used to remove it from a gateway, but it is also typically used when transferring a license from one gateway to another. To transfer a license, you would simply need to unactivate it from the first gateway, and then go through the activation process with that same license on the new gateway. The unactivation process will give a grant back onto that license so that the new gateway can be fully licensed using that same license key.

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