Learn how licensing works.


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to learn about licensing. Licensing in ignition is actually quite simple. First, we need to log into the configure section of the gateway webpage. And then we need to go to the licensing page on the left. Here, we will see the license that we currently have applied to our gateway. You'll notice that there are two sections here, the applied licenses section shows us the license key that we currently have applied as well as all of the modules that make up that license. On the right hand side, there are also two buttons which we can use to refresh the license or remove the license. There is then a section called Effective License, which shows us the modules that are being licensed as part of this ignition system. This is dependent on the licensed modules that are installed on the gateway. It is also possible to add multiple licenses to your gateway, which is most often used for a module license from a third party developer. In the next videos, we will go over the trial period as well as how to apply a license.

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