Learn how licensing works and how to find which modules are licensed along with the module version numbers.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Licensing in Ignition is pretty simple. To see your license as activated on your current Gateway, first go to your Gateway Webpage and log in into the Configure section. Once here, go to the Licensing page. A new feature of 7.9 is that you can now have two licenses installed on the same Gateway. Notice my primary license is this first one, because it includes the Ignition platform. It can only be one license with an Ignition platform item in it per Gateway. But your other licenses can have as many modules as they want, as long as they don't have that platform item. Having the ability to activate multiple licenses on a Gateway allows you to make a simple license with a few modules on it that you would like to add to your Gateway, instead of having to modify your current license. That way, you can keep your current license the same and just add a couple of new modules, like I have here, with the OPC COM module, and the Reporting module, that I've added to this secondary license. In your license, it's easy to see which version of the module you're licensed for. In this instance, I'm licensed for OPC COM version four and Reporting version four. To compare those to the actual versions of the modules we have installed, we would need to go to the Modules page up here. Once here, we can scroll down and find those modules. And see that I have version four of both of those modules, so they've successfully been activated.

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