Learn how to update an existing license to include new modules or new module versions.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we are going to take a look at how to reactivate your license. In Ignition, it may sometimes be necessary to reactivate your license. Reactivating your license will pull in any recent changes that you've made to your license and update it on your gateway. You will notice that my license is currently incomplete and that's because I have a module installed that is not within my license. I can click on the button over on the right that says view modules in this license incomplete banner and that will take me to the status section of my gateway where I can figure out which modules are not activated by my license. In this case, we can see that my OMRON driver is not currently activated by my license.

[01:00] Now I have recently purchased the OMRON driver module and have had it added to my license key so I'm going to go back to my configure section of the gateway and go to the licensing page where I can see my currently applied license. Here, I need to reactivate my license key so that it can pull in the updated version of my license which includes the OMRON driver. To reactivate the license, I simply need to go over to the right of my license key and click the reactivate button. You'll notice that my license has been reactivated, I can see the OMRON driver is now included in my license and the license incomplete banner has gone away. It is important to note that the reactivation process only works because the gateway has an active internet connection. If you do not have an active internet connection to your gateway you will first need to do an offline unactivation and then do an offline activation.

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