Learn how to update an existing license to include new modules or new module versions.

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[00:00] If we've made some changes to our license, it's fairly easy to update our license in the gateway and get those changes to show up. We're going to need to go to the configure section and to the licensing page. Once here, you'll see our license. Now, it already has some things in it. I've added some things to this license and updated the versions of some other modules. So let's go ahead and reload the license. We are going to want to click this reload button here that says, "Update license". Once we click that, it'll say that it's updating the license. Once it's able to successfully talk to our servers, it'll let you know that it was successfully reactivated. Now if we open our license, you'll see that the version numbers of some of the modules have updated, as well as there are some additional modules in there that have been added to the license. This can also be done by unactivating the license and then activating it again on the same gateway. Since the activation will bring in the most recent version of the license, it's important to note that you must unactivate first so that you can put that activation back on your license. Because of this, if you need to reload your license on a gateway that does not have an active internet connection, you can do an offline unactivation, then offline activation of your license.

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