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There are a number of different ways to select components within a window, each of which have their own advantages.

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[00:00] In order to configure a component ignition, you have to select it first. There are several ways to select one or more components on a window. The first is to select a single component by simply clicking on it. Here you'll be able to modify the properties as well as change the size and properties of that component, but you only have one component selected. It is possible to select multiple components at the same time. You can do that first by holding down control. I can click on multiple components here. As you can see I have multiple selected, I can then configure them together. Another way of selecting multiple components is by drawing a box. You can actually click anywhere on the screen and hold your mouse down and start drawing a box and to select some components. Now if you drag from the bottom right to the top left. All you have to do is go over the edge of the components to get it selected. So as I go over all these here, you can see yellow outlines letting me know those components are selected. Same thing is true if I go from the top right to the bottom left I just need to go over the edge of the component, just the corner. I can select all the components. Now, if I go from the reverse way.

[01:02] If I go from the bottom left to the top right, I have to select the entire component. Its very similar to Auto Cad in this way. So that way you can determine which way you want to go based on if you just want the edge or the entire component. The last way you can actually select a component is by drawing a path on the window. You can hold down ALT and then click and drag your mouse to start this little path. Any component that is in that path, will get selected. So here you can see I just have those three there that are selected. There's many ways we can select a component but once we select it we then can configure it further.

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