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Learn how to change which Authentication profile is used by a project and add required roles for a user to log into that client.


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[00:00] Every project in Ignition is going to have authentication associated with it. Projects can use a classic or an identity provider authentication strategy. Here in our designer, we have a project open name Security. If I head down to its project properties, we can see all the settings associated with this project. We will focus on the identity provider and user source settings. Whatever User Source I configure here will be used to verify my login credentials when my vision project is launched. Additionally, you can add any required client roles. And depending on what roles you put in here, only users with those particular roles will be able to log in to the client. Similarly, whatever Identity Provider I choose here will be used for authentication purposes when the vision project is launched. The authentication strategy setting under vision, login is what allows users to configure what authentication mechanism is used for the security of the project. In classic mode, the ignition user source configured for this project will be referenced for authentication. What I mean by this is that you will be prompted for login credentials when launching your project and the set of credentials you provide will be verified against a User Source defined in your gateway. Currently, this project is set to classical authentication strategy. So, launching a client by pressing the F10 shortcut key, I will be greeted by the basic login screen to authenticate against the default user source for this project. When using an identity provider authentication strategy. After having saved my changes, the user will again be prompted for login credentials when launching the project. However, they will be redirected to a web browser window where they will be able to authenticate against the identity provider configured for the project. Once authentication is successful, users will be able to go back and access their vision client.

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