Learn how to monitor alarm notification pipelines to see exactly where your alarms are in the notification process.

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[00:00] You can monitor the status of your pipelines from the gateway. Say you have some very complex alarm pipelines, and you want to know what they're doing at any point in time. If you head over to the Status section of the gateway under System, there is an Alarm Pipelines page here. You can see that I only have a single pipeline to find, but it is currently active with two items. So if I click on the Details button down here, you can see that I have two alarms active. So for both of the My Alarms here, you can see the source path, my tag provider, the path to to tag, as well as the name of the alarm here, the display path for both, and then where exactly in the pipeline both of these events are. So it looks like they're both on the Delay Block, that's just cycling around here, as you can tell. Note that you can cancel the alarms. There are some cancel buttons here, so if you're going down a long list of users, and it's starting to call people, and you need to cancel it for some reason, maybe you were just testing the pipeline, you can come over here and cancel the alarm. But because I have dropout conditions configured on my tags, I can also go ahead and clear the alarms on my tags by changing the value on the tags. And then you see that when the page refreshes, the alarms are no longer there. So again, if you have really complex alarm pipelines, triggering some test alarms, and checking out this alarm pipelines page here, can help you verify that your pipelines are doing exactly what you think they should be doing.

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