Learn how to setup a Named Query Binding. The Named Query Binding will take a Named Query that had previously been setup and use it in a binding.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] The addition of named queries in ignition version 7.9.4 also introduced a new type of binding, the named query binding. This type of binding allows you to select one of your pre-configured queries and pass in parameters using values from either tags or other components on the window. Let's take a look at how we can set up a named query binding. Using a simple table component for our data and a text field that we'll use to enter a parameter value. When you select our table find the data property and then open up the binding window for that property. You should see the new named query binding in the database section. Since the named query is pre-configured setting up the binding is really simple. We start by naming the path to our query, I only have here so I'll select that one and since we can't modify the query here in the binding we simply need to select a value for our parameter. You'll notice on the right we have both the property binding icon and the tag binding icon. To bind either a value from a component on a window or a tag value. Since I'm going to be entering a parameter value into that text field that I just added to the window I'm going to go ahead and open up my property binding window and find my text field and then select the text property to use for the parameter. You'll notice that its automatically entered in the path to that property. Finally I'm going to select to leave the pulling mode off since anytime I change the parameter it'll automatically re-query the database with a new parameter value, so I'm just going to select the okay button to save my changes. My query is currently returning no rows into the table but its automatically populated the column names. This is because I don't have any value entered into the text field, so it's not returning anything because my where clause is empty. However, if I put the designer into preview mode and enter in a value into the text field you'll notice that my query now returns some rows with the bay number of two that I specified. In addition changing the parameter value that I Pass in automatically updates the query.

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