Learn how to customize the Vision client's menu via scripting.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] The menu in the vision climate is configured using the client event scripts. Let's take a look at a running client that I already launched. You can see here that the menu bar has a navigation entry in it, and this is a custom, actually both the command and the navigation menus are totally custom. And you can see here that they switch between windows and they're also associated with some f keys. Let's see how this was done in the designer. In the designer, you access the menu structure through the client event scripts because each menu item simply runs a script. And in the menu bar section, you can see that the structure of the menu bar is here represented as a tree and I can go ahead and add a new menu item here. So, in this case, if I wanted to add another entry into navigation, I could click on this one and hit add sibling or I could click on the menu itself and hit add child. Here's my new menu item and I can give it a script. Let's just pop up the message box and let's give it a try. So, again, go ahead and save our project. Go back to our client, update it, and you can see I've got a new menu item in my navigation window, that runs my script. Of course, if you wanted to make your menu look nice, you might want to associate an icon with your menu item. You can pick an icon from one of our built-in icons or you could upload your own icon. You could give it a key accelerator or a mnemonic. A mnemonic is one, like see how this p is underlined and if I wanted to get to the project menu using the keyboard I would do alt+p. That's a mnemonic as opposed to a keystroke accelerator, which is something here that appears to the right of the menu item and associates that key stroke with executing that action. And both of those types of utilities are available here through this user interface. So you can configure the menu structure as much as you'd like. You'll notice that in the client, there was two additional menu items, windows and help, those are menu items that are just added by the ignition client itself. You can get rid of the windows menu by going into project properties, user interface and hiding it. Or you can just hide the entire menu bar if you don't want a menu bar at all.

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