See a walkthrough of downloading and installing the PostgreSQL database.

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[00:00] To install PostgreS, we're going to first go to our browser and then open up a new tab, and we'll go to, put .org and then from there we can go to our downloads page here and then we'll go to the Windows version because I'm on a Windows computer and then you can see that this has a link that'll redirect you to another website to download. All right. So from the EnterpriseDB , we're going to go grab out the version that we need. I'm going to open up my downloads folder and go to my PostgreS installer. Open this guy up. All right, now that the setup window is open, go click next, install on the default directory, and I'm also going to install the data in the default directory. Now here, you can use whatever password you want just it's important to write that down. And that the user is PostgreS. We're going to use the default port and the default locale. Now we're ready to install. This'll just take a moment to unpack and install all the files needed. All right, and now that we have that finished, PostgreS does have the option to go to Stack Builder to grab more tools for the database but we don't need to do that. We'll just finish without any of that stuff. All right, now that that's installed, we're going to go ahead and open up the pgAdmin from the Windows Start menu here. All right and then you can see this pgAdmin has our PostgreS localhost 5432. All we need to do is connect up to that guy and we're going to use our password that we entered in just a moment ago and now you can see under our databases here, we have our PostgreS database. All right, and now we're ready to go.

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