See a walk-through of downloading and installing a basic Oracle Express database.

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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll show you how to install Oracle Express. We're going to install the 11 G version here, which is the latest locally hosted version of Oracle Express. The download is available in this prior release directory on, and in order to download the software, you do need to sign in with an Oracle account. I have included links for both the downloads page and the account creation page below. To start, I'll click on this download option for the 64 bit Windows version of 11 G. This will download a zip file containing the installer. I already have it here on my machine, so I will extract the file contents. Then I'll go into this disc one folder and run the setup. On the welcome screen, i'll go ahead and hit next on this license agreement page. I'll go ahead and accept it and hit next.

[01:06] Then we are presented with a choice for the install location. I'll leave it in the C drive and go to the next page. Now we have the option to set a password for the sys and system database account. I'll go ahead and set the password and hit next. Finally, we have the installation summary, which details our file locations and the necessary port that will be used. If everything is looking good here, go ahead and hit install. It may take a few minutes to complete the installation process, but once it does go ahead and hit finish. Now, before we open the applications front end, we'll need to start up the database. This can be done by going to the start menu and hitting start database. Now that it's up and running, I'll navigate to the front end by going to local host port 80 80, and if I click on storage here, I can sign in with the password I set during installation. And on this screen you can see all the different databases we have.

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