Installing Oracle Express


See a walkthrough of downloading and installing the minimum required for Oracle Express database.

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[00:00] Now we're going to install Oracle XE. To do this, we're going to go ahead and open up our browser and I'm going to open up a new tab and you can go to oracle.com. And then under the Downloads link on their web page, you can see that there's an Oracle Database 11g Express Edition over on the left-hand side. You click on that, it takes you to the Downloads page. All you have to do is accept their license agreement and then pick out the download that you want. Now I already have it downloaded so I'll go ahead and open that up. All right and it is this zip file here. So the first thing we need to do unzip that. I'm going to go ahead and extract it here. All right, now you can see we have this DISC1 folder and if I open that up, all I have to do is run this setup.exe. Go ahead and get that started. All right, now we just need to go through the steps. Accept their terms. We're going to install the database. Now this is the system account and it doesn't matter what you put for your password here. Just matters that you write it down. All right, and then we'll go ahead and install. This should take just a moment here. All right, now that it's finished, we can go ahead and open the front end for it. Unlike some of the other databases, this one's actually gone through a web page. So I'll go to localhost8080 and that should take us to the front end. All right and here's the front end. You can go to your storage and the username is SYSTEM by default and then whatever password you used. And now you can see here all the different databases and we have our TEMP DB there as well.

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