Learn how to connect Ignition to the PostreSQL database from the Config section in the Gateway.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] In this video, we'll take a look on how to connect Ignition to a Postgres database. We're in the gateway, we're in the configure section, scroll down just a wee bit here, you can see under databases, we're on the connections page. I'm going to click this create new database connection link here and if we scroll on down this list of drivers here you can see that we have this PostgreSQL JDBC Driver so we're going to select this driver here and click next and let's give this database connection a name here so type something in and I'm going to scroll on down here, and again, very very important, want to make sure you pay attention to this connect URL property here. My database is installed on the Ignition server so local host works just fine, the default port here, 5432, is what my database is currently using so I don't have to change that and I am trying to connect to a test schema inside of the database. So I don't have to modify this property at all.

[00:59] We'll scroll down just a little here and we need to provide Ignition with some credentials to connect to the database. I do have a Postgres user already configured so I'll type that in and I'll type in their password, and do it twice for verification. And that's it, and I can scroll on down towards the bottom of this page here, I'm going to click this create new database connection button and you can see I have a valid connection so I'm good to go. And of course, if you run into any problems, you see your status is faulted, you can click on this database connection status page down below. If the database returned any error messages, then you can view them on that page.

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