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Learn how to customize the style (appearance) of alarms in different states on the Alarm Status Table component.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we are going to talk about alarm row styles. By default, the alarm status table has a certain style and color that it uses for different events it displays in the table. We can customize how different rows get displayed by right clicking on the component and going down to customizers, alarm row styles. You can see that there are a number of styles specified here, and each one has an expression that determines when it will be used. You can see that most of these are based on the state of the event, which is then given a specific style. I can select any of these and change the style to be whatever I want. I can also add a new row style. I just need to come up with an expression that determines when it will be used. I'm going to do something similar to this row style up here, which is all events that are active and unacknowledged and have a priority of three or greater, which would be a high or critical priority.

[01:11] I'm going to have mine be active and unacknowledged, but only checking for a priority of two for medium priority. Now, the last thing to note here is that order does matter as each of these style expressions are checked in order. And the first match is the style that gets applied to a row. So if we left our new style at the bottom, all active and unacknowledged medium priority events will match with this option here first, which is just checking the state. So to have our new style be useful, I need to put it above that option. Once we have that set, I can click OK, And we can see our new style in action on some medium priority alarms that are active and unacknowledged. Finally, I want to point out that the alarm journal table has the exact same mechanism that works in the same way.

[02:06] Right-click and go to customizers, alarm row styles, and you can customize the styles for different types of rows using whatever expressions you want.

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