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Learn about how Ignition modules work and the functionality they provide.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] Ignition is a modular platform. Modules are applications that can be added to the software, which can extend its functionality. Modules are very similar to applications for a smartphone. You can pick and choose which modules you want to add to the software, depending on what functionality you need just like you can pick and choose which applications you want to add to your smartphone. As you can see from the list below, we offer a wide range of modules, with each module providing different functionality. We have modules like the device drivers, which allow you to connect to various devices from different manufacturers; the SQL bridge and tag historian modules, which allow you to historize tag data into your database; the vision and perspective modules, which allow you to visually represent and control your facility on a screen; the various notification modules, which allow you to notify users when an alarm happens within your facility, either through email, SMS, or a phone call; or the reporting module, which allows you to create reports that you can then run whenever you want. Here we can see where modules sit in the Ignition software stack. You'll notice the modules sit on top of the platform, extending the platform's original functionality with new features, depending on what modules you install. The core modules are all developed in-house by inductive automation. But there are also modules that are not developed by inductive automation, that can be added to your software as well. These modules can be developed by one of our third party partners or one of the various other module developers. These third party modules can further extend Ignition's functionality outside of our core modules or platform functions. With the many different modules to choose from, it's easy to create a software solution to fit your facility's needs.

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