Upgrading Ignition in a Container


In this lesson, we will upgrade Ignition in a container.


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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how to upgrade the version of Ignition that's running within one of your containers. My application contains a frontend and backend Ignition Gateway, and I'm managing them with Docker Compose. I'm on the status page of my frontend Gateway and you can see that it's running Ignition version 8.1.21. There's currently a release candidate out for version 8.1.23. I'm going to upgrade my frontend gateway to this version so I can test out the new changes. I don't have any configurations that I need to preserve. But if you do, I'd recommend taking a backup before any upgrade just in case. I already have Docker Hub open in another tab and I'm on the Tags page for the official Ignition image. Right here I can see the tag for the 8.1.23 release candidate 1. I'll head over to my docker compose file and all I need to do is update the tag for my frontend image. I'll change the "21" to "23" and add "-rc1". Now I can save my file and I'll start the containers again.

[01:08] Once the image is downloaded and the containers are started. I'll head over to the Status page and we can see that the version has changed. That's all there is to it. As you can see upgrading and changing Ignition versions with Docker is quick and easy.

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