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All your licenses can be stored in the Controller Gateway and assigned to Agents or updated from one central location.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll look at easy management of licenses via the Enterprise Administration Module's License Management page. I have the gateway web pages open for my controller and agent gateways, and I wanna start by acknowledging that my agent gateway is currently in trial mode and is unlicensed. However, this can be quickly changed for any agent gateways I have via the controller gateway. To do this, I'll navigate to the controller's Config page and then by scrolling down to Enterprise Administration and clicking license management. The License Management page is where I can see the licenses that are currently being managed by this gateway. I don't currently have any, so I'll click add licenses to change that. I'm just interested in adding one license, so I'll quickly type that into the box here, but multiple licenses can be added by separating them with commas. Also, just for reference, you don't need to capitalize the license keys when entering them here. Once you're done, you can click add. Now that I have a license added to the management page, I have some options available to me.

[01:03] First, I can delete the license and remove it from the list. Then if I click the more button, I can click details and this will show me the specifics of the license, like the platform, and included module versions. The other option is assign, which lets me assign it to one of my connected agents and activate the license remotely. I'll choose my agent from this dropdown and then click assign now. Once the task completes, I'll switch to my agent gateway, and now the trial banner is gone, and if I go to the licensing page, I can confirm the license has been successfully assigned. I'll go back to the controller gateway and back to license management. Since it's been assigned, there's a new option to unactivate it from the current gateway. I'll click unactivate, and then if I go back to my agent, we can see that the license is now removed. Note that the license needs to be unassigned in order to be deleted, so now that mine is no longer being used by my agent, I'm free to delete it. The activating and unactivating options we've seen in this video are identical to creating the tasks on the agent tasks page, but the license management page provides a convenient location to quickly manage any licenses one might have.

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