Learn how to create Agent tasks for sending projects and project resources from the Controller Gateway to the Agents.

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[00:00] Let's send some projects to an agent with Enterprise Administration. I have my two gateways here. I have my Agent A which does not have any projects on it and I have my controller gateway which has a couple of projects. I would like to take these projects and move them over to my agent. So we'll check out a couple of different tasks. I'm going to head over to online control here, on the configure section of the gateway. I'm going to scroll on down, head over to Enterprise Administration. I'll click on the Agent Tasks link, and I'll click the Create new Gateway Task link. If we scroll down this list of tasks, we have two we're going to talk about. We're going to talk about Send Project and Send Project Resources. We'll start with Send Project. This take an entire project, everything inside of it, and moves that over to a different gateway. So we'll scroll down a little bit further here, and click the next button. And we'll do this immediately, We'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and click next. We need to specify where we should send these resources to. Of course I'm going to pick my Agent A, but I do want to point out that we could use the controller as the target, so I could take a project from one of my agents and move it to the controller. We'll come down and click the next button. Then I need to specify which gateway we're taking the resources from. So local system would use the controller here, which is why I want to select. Of course we could select any of our agents. We'll click next. Then I need to select which project I want to move over. So for this first example I think I'm just going to select the project called Mobile on the controller here. So I'll select that and then click next. And we'll click the finish button. I'll go ahead and start running the task, it finished pretty quickly. So I head back to our agent and I'll just refresh this page here. And you see it now has the Mobile project. Just like moving a project manually from one gateway to another, if some of the default resources aren't on the new system, such as the default database, I don't have a connection on my agent called mySQL, we get a little warning here. But of course I can just click the edit button on the right and change the database connection. So that was moving a whole project, but what if I just wanted to move a couple of pieces from a project? Maybe some templates or windows or something like that. That would be the next task. So I'm going to head back to my controller. I'll click on Create New Gateway Task, scroll down on this page here, and I'll use the Send Project Resources task. Which does exactly what I specified. I could just send a couple of my windows to another gateway. I'll scroll down here and click next. We will do this immediately yet again.. So come down to the bottom, play next. I will be passing this to the Agent A gateway again, we'll click next. And then still, from the local system, I'll click next again. Now we've really only been talking about project scope resources. Normally globally scoped resources are not sent with either of the tasks, but there is a Global Project here you can select. You probably noticed this when we sent project task as well. Now I won't actually use the global project for this example, but I do want to show you. I'll click next. You can see global items such as Alarm Pipelines or shared Scripts can be moved to different gateways. Now I'm going to head back so I'll click the previous button. This time I'll select the project named Ignition and then click the next button. You'll see we have a couple of resources in this project here. How about I take a couple windows and maybe this template. So we'll scroll down here and I'll click the next button. Now because we're just sending individual resources, we do have a choice. I could take these resources and just send to one of the preexisting projects on the agent, or I could create a brand new project to hold these resources. In this case I'll select other and type in the name of a new project, so the controller will create a project called New Resources. I'll hit the next button. It's going to give us a little summary. I'll go ahead and click finish. I'll start running, and if I head back to my agent, we can refresh this page once more time and you see that I've created a brand new project and even updated the description to specify that this was created automatically.

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