Learn how to create Agent tasks for activating, unactivating, and updating licenses.

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[00:00] In this video, we will manually run a couple of license-related tasks. I have two gateways here. One's configured as a controller, the other an agent. The agent does not have a license installed. I'll head back to my controller, and we'll create a task that will activate a license on the agent. In the configure section of the controller, I'm going to scroll on down to the Enterprise Administration section, and click on the Agents Task Link. From here, I'll click the create new gateway task link. We'll take a look at three task in this video. The first thing, the activate license task. Later, we'll see update license and unactivate license. I'll leave activate license selected for right now. We'll scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click next. We'll run all three of these of these tasks immediately. So, I'll just leave that at execute immediately for all three of them. I'll scroll on down, click the next button, and then, specify which one of my agents I want to activate a license on. So, in this case, I'll select the agent called My_Agent and click then next button. Now, in here I need to type in the license key that I want to activate on my agent. Now, if you've already stored some licenses in the license management page on the controller, you don't have to type anything in. You can just click the auto-assign licenses link down below, and it'll populate the field for you. However, that link only works if you have unassigned licenses available. And I have my license field populated; I'm going to click the next button. We'll click finish on the summary page here, and it's going to run the task real fast. Now, we head back to my agent, we can see that it now has a license. The next task we'll look at is updated the license, so if I were to add a module to this license, we'd see it update in the details. So, I'm going to head up to the controller tab. I'm going to create a new gateway task, and we'll scroll down and select the update license task, and we'll click next. And again, on the scheduling page, we'll run this immediately so I'll just hit next. Now, here's where agent groups really shine. If I added modules to multiple agent licenses, then I can activate all of the active licenses simultaneously. So, I'll do that right now, even though I only have single agent in my group. I'll click next. It gives me another summary, so I'll click finish. And the task has completed. Now, this is less impressive, as I haven't made any changes to my license, but if I did, they would appear in the license details now. For the last task, we'll unactivate the license on my agent. So I head back to my controller, and again, you'll create a new gateway task. Scroll down, and select the Unactivate License task here. We'll click the next button, and again we will run this immediately. So I won't have to click on any of the radio buttons there. Click next. I'll select which agent I want to unactivate, so I'll click next after selecting my agent. Gives me a little task summary again, so I'll click finish. I run the task, and I'll head back to my agent. We can see that the license was just removed. Now, I've been doing this manually, but it I head over to the controller and scroll down on the configure section of the controller's gateway web interface, there is a license management page here. And you can see that it has the license I used in the activate license task. Now, we could have used this page instead to activate or unactivate a license on one of our agents, as this page is a convenient way to do that. Although, we'll take a look at this page in another video.

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