Recover an existing Agent after it has been corrupted. This requires that a Gateway backup has previously been collected from that Agent.

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[00:00] In this lesson we'll take a look at Agent Recovery. Say I lose the hard drive on a server running an agent, I can use Agent Recovery to recover my agent, install modules, and even apply a license. Here I have a fresh install of Ignition on a new computer. I want to use Agent Recovery to recover my work from a pre-existing agent I had. I'm on my new potential agent in the Configure section. If we scroll on down, we'll see under Enterprise Administration, there's a Setup link I can click on. I'll select Agent for this new gateway, and I'll select the Agent Recovery option. Note that the backup files I'm going to use for Agent Recovery are only generated with a Collect Backup Agent Task, so you'll need to run that task before you can fully utilize Agent Recovery. So I'll click the Next button. And we can specify a Controller if we're already connected one to our gateway network. We can type in a new system name if we want to change our system name here. But because I'm using Agent Recovery, I'm going to scroll down a little bit further, and I'm going to go ahead and create a connection to the controller over the gateway network. So I'm going to click Create New Connection. I'll paste in my controller's IP address over here. And then I'll scroll down a little bit further and click the Apply button. When I do, if I come back up to the Controller dropdown, I can select my Controller, and more importantly under System Name, if I use this dropdown, I'll detect any prior agents that I have backups for. So in this case I want to restore my Agent_A backup. So I can select that, and I'm going to scroll down a little bit further and click Finish. And it's going to try to recover that agent. So it'll change the System Name and it'll try to download all the files from the Controller. And you can see here that it's checking this out as it received the license file, so it's going to go ahead and apply the license, and then it's downloading a bunch of modules and getting backups and such. Now I do want to point out that it is telling me that I need to restart the gateway to finish installing the downloaded file. So I'm just going to click the little Apply Files button over here on the right, and it's going to go ahead and restart my agent. So if I refresh this page or click anywhere else, I can see that it's actually restarting and doing a gateway restore. And I'm backed up. Again you can see that it renamed the gateway to Agent_A, my old agent's name. Additionally I'm no longer on the trial. The process restored my license for me. Now my agent is back to where it was before the hard drive failure.

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