Learn how to cut out a shape on a tank (SVG) and use a level indicator to create a custom tank.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll show you how to use a tank cutaway in your Vision project to make your level indicators more visually appealing. I'll start by pulling in a tank SVG from the Symbol Factory. After I find a tank that I like I'll find a tank cutaway. If you're not seeing any on your system, try clicking the basic radio button and the bottom left corner of Symbol Factory. I'll find one. I like and drag it onto my window. Next all in the tank cutaway on top of my tank and I'll make sure it fits. From here. I'll first click the tank and then hold the control button on the keyboard and click the tank cutaway. Once they're selected I'll go to the designer menu bar and click shape and then difference. This will subtract the tank cutaway shape from the tank and it's why it's important to pick them in the right order. Now my tank has a transparent cut out in the middle and I can add a level indicator to my window.

[01:05] I'll drag one in from the component palette and I'll resize it so that it fits on my tank. I'll quickly bind the value property to my OPC tag. Now I'll move the level indicator so that it's behind the tank. In order to do this, I'll make sure the level indicator is selected and click alignment and then move to back. Now we can see it's behind the tank and we can see the tank level through the cutaway. If you want you can group these components together so that they could be moved together as one piece. Now I have a tank with a cutaway portion that displays the level inside.

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