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Getting Started with Maker

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Learn how to install and activate Ignition Maker edition.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll install and activate Ignition Maker Edition. To begin with, you'll need an installer, which is available on our website. Now, Maker is installed from the same files as Standard Ignition. So there aren't special Maker files. If you're new, I'd recommend using the Installer instead of the Zip options, as the Installer's just a little easier to use. Now, I have an installer on my desktop, so we just need to run it. I'm on a Windows machine here, but the process for installing Maker is mostly the same for Linux and Mac. For all three operating systems, you'll need installation privileges on the operating system. So roots, elevated permissions, administrator access, whatever it's called on the operating system, you'll need it. As for differences, one thing you'll need to be aware of on Linux is to make sure that the installer is executable. If you need more details, check out our installation information in the user manual. Or check out the other installing Ignition videos here on Inductive University.

[01:06] And then jump back to this video once we get to the Addition Selection screen at the start of Commissioning. Once you have an installer, run it. I'll move my installer into frame here. You're at the Installer Wizard. I'm just going to work through selecting the default options all the way. The user manual has more information if you wanted to learn more about what these properties do. And we're ready to install. Now, I'm going to wait for the installation to finish here, so I'll speed this part up. And we can click Finish, which finishes the Wizard, but then leads into System Commissioning, which is basically some additional set-up we need to do. Now, this step deviates from our other installation videos. In that, I want to select Maker over here. We'll get a reminder about how this is for personal use, I'll agree. Now, work your way through the Licensing Agreement. If you accept, then move on. Next, we need a License Key and an Activation Token. These are both free requiring only an internet connection and an Inductive Automation account.

[02:07] You can click on the link here, which opens a new tab. If you need to return here for whatever reason, it's just But we have links all over our main website. I'll head over to Maker Edition on the left and I'll click on Get License. The License Key can be reused if you wanted to move it over to a different installation later. I'll simply click the Copy button, move back to the Commissioning tab and we'll paste. Back on the Accounts page, I need to get the Activation Token. I'll copy that, head back into Commissioning and we'll paste. And it looks like it validated. Now, back on the Accounts page, I'll close the pop-up and we can see my license. I can regenerate an activation token if I need to or delete this license, which I'll be doing at the end of the recording. Back to Commissioning, I'll hit Next.

[03:04] We need to create a user. This is the initial user, and I'll need it to log into the various areas and Ignition like the Gateway and the Designer. You can change these credentials later, but just make sure there's something you'll remember. I'll click Next. I'll use the default port configurations and let's start the Gateway. Again, I'll speed this up. And that's it, we're up and running. If you're new to Ignition, I'd recommend starting off by giving yourself access to the Designer. You can do so by clicking here. We do have some instructions here, as well as additional installers on the right hand side, but you can also follow along with the Designer Launcher video here on Inductive University. That about wraps up this lesson here. You now have your very own Maker Gateway installed and running. Happy building.

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