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Explore the Column Selector component that comes in the Reporting module. This component provides a graphical interface which lets you filter some or all dataset columns from a list.

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[00:00] The column selector, is similar to the row selector, except it allows you to filter out entire columns. First, we have our raw data table again, and we have this filtered data table. I'm going to go ahead and filter out some of the columns, from the raw data table, and pass them into the filtered data table. Let's begin by adding a column selector, it's located in the third item down, under reporting, in the component palette, and we'll drop it onto our window. Now you can see it's blank right now, that's because we have to provide it with a data set. If we scroll down in the property editor, and we see our data in and data out properties, we'll bind data in to the raw data's data property and you can see columns are listed here. Next, we'll click on our filtered data table. On the data property we'll click the binding icon, we'll do a property binding to the column selector's data out property. If we put the designer into preview mode, we can go ahead and hide specific columns, like the duration and the t_stamp here. If you look down at our filtered data table, you will see our duration and t_stamp no longer appear. Now, there is one more configuration I want to show you. First, let's take the design out of preview mode, and we will right click on the column selector. Under customizers, we'll click on column selector customizer, we will click on our "Data" data set. Can you see there is a list of all the columns that are available in the data set. You'll see there's this exclude from selection column. If we go ahead and set equipment to true, click okay, you will see that equipment no longer shows up on the column selector. However, it is listed down here, so it's important to note that exclude from selection doesn't filter out the column. It just determines if you are able to filter by that column or not.

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