Learn how to configure the voice scripts for any language in the voice notification module.

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[00:00] The voice notification system supports multiple languages. Because of this, you may want to have different scripts for different languages. To configure the messages that are sent out, we'll have to take a look at the voice notification profile. So I'm in the Configure section of my gateway. I'm going to scroll down just a little bit here. And you can see under Alarming, we'll click on Notification, and I already have a voice notification profile configured, so if I look at the More dropdown here, there is a manage scripts link here. I'm going to click on that, and you'll see a list of the default scripts that have been configured in the system. And of course, you can edit all of these. So for example, maybe my Spanish language, I'll come over here and I'll click the edit button on the right and you can see the scripts that it's using when it sends out notifications to users configured to use the Spanish language. Which means that we do need to configure our users to receive notifications in this language. To do that, we need to make a small change on our users, so under Security, I'm going to go to Users and Roles, and then I'm going to modify my default user source or a user in there. I'm going to click the manage users button, and let's specify that George here needs to use the Spanish language, so I'm going to click the edit link on the right. And if we scroll down just a little bit further, there will be a language dropdown, and we can pick the default language for George here. I'll scroll down and select the espanol item from the menu here. In this case, George will start receiving voice notifications using the Spanish script and voice. It's important to remember that you need the language's voice module installed on the gateway to use that script. In this case, I need the Spanish voice module installed. Otherwise, when attempting to notify George here, the system will look for the Spanish language module, fail to find it, and then fail over to the English voice and the English script.

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