Pipeline – Notification Block Consolidation


Notification consolidation allows you to limit the number of notifications sent by specifying a delay during which incoming events will be collected. When the delay expires, all events that have arrived during the period of time will be sent together to the notification profile.

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[00:00] Let's look at a really important feature of our notificaton block in our alrm pipelines and that is called consolidation. So let's take this really simple notification pipeline I have here where all my alarms are configured to come into this notify pipeline. So basically I'm going to notify through voice all of my operators. The problem with voice is that I can only do one voice call at a time, so let's say that I have 30 alarms that happen at the exact same time. If I had no consolidation, essentially the system is going to try to call every operator 30 times and there might be a lot of calls that they're getting over and over again. The idea is that we can actually wait for a period of time for all of these messages to come in together and consolidate them into one message that gets sent to our operators on the voice call. So when I click on the notification block, there's a tab for consolidation here and I can enable consolidation and there are two properties here, delay and a frequency. The delay is number of seconds we're going to wait for more alarms to come into the pipeline. So essentially, I'm going to wait 15 seconds. So if an alarm comes in, I'm going to wait 15 seconds for another alarm. If another alarm comes in, I'm going to wait 15 more seconds for a third alarm. I'm going to keep waiting until I have the max time which is our frequency. So after 60 seconds, I'm going to take all the message we have come in at that point, I'm going to notify them through voice. So you have control of exactly how a consolidation works with these two delays but it's a way of getting only one message sent out rather than a flood of messages to all of your operators.

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