Pipeline – Filter on Alarm Associated Data


Learn how to filter on alarm associated data in alarm notification pipelines.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Let's look at, How we can filter notification pipeline based on associated data that we've added to a alarm. Remember from previous lessons, it's possible for you to on your alarm to actually add associated data that kind of be static or dynamic. So here in couple of my alarm I've added associated data called group and has a value of either group A or group B so after I've added the associated data it's possible for me to use that same associate data in filtering my notification pipeline. So basically, since I'm going to do filtering there's two blocks I can use either a Switch statement or Expression block. The switch will allow me to switch on that value and usually different for group A or group B. Expression does the same thing but only returns true or false. So I'm going to head and use the switch statement this time. I'll bring the switch into my pipeline I'm going to hook-up the start into the end of the switch. On the switch, on the bottom left when you configure you guys specify the Expression. You won't find any of the associate data properties in here in the dropdown list where the curly braces are what you got to do here to use it is to simply put a curly brace and then the name of the associated data property which in my case is called group and then end curly brace, then down below there is some values so I can add as many values as I have values for so, I'm going to add two here, I'm going to say I want it something different for group A and then something different for group B. So basically, once I add those two you'll see in a output I've group A and group B and a Catch all so then from there I can notify a different list of people based on each group so on group A, I can go up here to notification and I can notify somebody of the email, let's say I want to notify critical list, On the group B, I can go down here and specify different list of people they be also in different maybe notification type, So do email again and last time I'll choose the all, So essentially I am going to certain list of people based on group A and a different list of people based on group B, So we can easily filter an associated data.

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