HTML can be used in several places in Ignition such as labels, buttons, tables, and tooltips.

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[00:00] HTML can be used in a lot of places when developing in windows ignition. For example you can put HTML in labels and buttons, and even on tables. And we accept any HTML that you, that you want to put in there. Say for example on the label, I can actually get onto the text and on the text I can start it out of course html and then put whatever I want. So let's say I want to have "Here is some text" but I want, you know, text to be bold so I can put a Bold tag around text. I can put on, maybe on some, I want some to be underlined so I put the underline tag around some and I can use really any HTML that I want. So as you can see here as I used, as I put that in there when I press okay, you going to see that here's the text and some is underlined and text here is bold. So we can put really anything we want as far as HTML is concerned. Typically on buttons you might want mighty lined buttons so let's say for example the text of this is going to be html and it's going to be "Save to Disk" and a lot of times you want there to be a line break after to you want to force a line break and maybe you want everything to be centered so I'm going to put a Center tag at the beginning. So here I can, you know, have some text there, if I click on press okay I have "Save to Disk" it's centered and it has two lines of text there. Another place that we can use HTML is actually on the "mouse over text" of the component so say for example on my label, when I put my mouse over label in run time I want to show whatever value's in the "mouse over text" we can put HTML there. So maybe you want to put HTML like have an ordered list of things you want to do like "Here are some instructions" and you want to use a ordered list, I don't know list, whatever you want to do. I'll do, we'll do our order list UL and then imma do LI for each list item. So say, you know, step 1, do this and then I'll end LI. And another LI is step 2, something else. And then end LI And at the end we're going to end the UL and basically now it's going to have a nice mouse over. So if I go into preview mode F5 and put my mouse over this label, you're going to see there are some instructions. Step 1, step 2 and it's a nice ordered list. So we can put really any HTML that we want on the text as displayed, the mouse over text as well as we can put it inside of tables. So here for example maybe on Text Row 1 I want to make Row bold or something. So I'm going to go inside of the dataset on the value for Text Row 1 I'm going to at the very beginning put html and then I can put anything I want inside here so imma put a bold tag maybe around Row for example and you can see that it's also bold here. If I press okay, it's also bold inside there. So we can really use HTML anywhere we want in ignition.

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