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File Explorer and PDF Viewer


Use the File Explorer component to browse the client computer's file system for PDF files, and display the file in a client with the PDF Viewer component.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.9


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[00:00] Let's look at the last two components included with reporting module, the file explorer and the PDF viewer. The file explorer component displays, a file system tree that the users can search through. You'll see there's this root directory property. This allows you to set any folder as the root directory for the component. Currently, the component is rooted to this reports directory. If you take a look at the root directory property, you see that reports is just sitting on my Desktop, You can go ahead and add a daily report here, so that way daily reports will be rooted here. We'll close this, and you see, now daily reports is the root directory. Additionally, we can filter out by file extension. Say I only want to show PDFs in the File Explorer, I can come to this file extension filter property. Set this to, PDF. And now only PDFs are shown. We'll put the designer into preview mode and click on one of the reports. You'll see there is the this selected path property, that shows us the exact path to the file that is selected. Since this path is exposed, we can use it with the PDF viewer. The PDF viewer works by passing in a file path to a PDF. Take the designer preview mode and we'll insert the PDF here. You see that there's this file path property. This is what determines which PDF we see in the component. So if we can go ahead and bind this, to the File Explore selected path property, and click OK. You'll see that the report we have listed here is the same one we have selected so come to this Design Mode. Click Downtime Report and our new reports shows up here. There are a couple of properties that drive the appearance of the PDF viewer. There's the Page Fit Mode, Page View Mode, that you can hide or show the Toolbar, the Utility bar. There's a large number of customization options you can make from within the report. You can go to the next page, rotate, highlight, select, save, print, You know that clicking on the Save icon, saves a copy the report to the client computer, not the ignition gateway. So if the PDF viewer and the file explorer component, is very easy to make a window that allows you to look through all your saved reports.

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