Alarm Status – General Filtering


Learn how to filter out alarms on the alarm status component.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] There's a lot of filtering you can do on the status table with ignition. Basically, once you drag on to window it'll show you all of the alarms that are currently active or unacknowledged right now. So we can actually filter that list to be a smaller list, rather than seeing everything. There's a couple of properties down at the very bottom of the component. So once you have a window, you go down to the bottom left and scroll down; there's a section called filters that we can work with. Then we can filter the list based on priorities, based on current state, based on the source, as well as the display path. So here for example, on the priority, I can actually future alarms that's showing up in the view, based on the priority. And it's going to be a minimum priority here. So if I, right now, I set the diagnostic, showing me all the diagnostic or higher alarms. If go and set this to medium, I'm now going to see all of the medium or higher alarms. Which is a smaller list of alarms. If I go to critical, it's going to show me only the critical ones there. In the set of diagnostic here the second set of filters we have are based on the state. And they're four states an alarm can be in. It can be either be active and unacknowledged, active and acknowledged, clear to unacknowledged, and clear and acknowledged. As you see, there's alarms here with different colors, because of the different states that we have. So right now it's showing us all the active and unacknowledged, all of the active and act, and all of the cleared and unacknowledged. So I go and uncheck the clear, it's going to remove all the clear ones and only show me the active, whether it be acknowledged or unacknowledged. If I go and uncheck the active and acknowledged it's only going to be showing me the ones that are currently active that are not acknowledged. So we can filter which alarms you want to show also based on the state. Typically, what I do is I show all of the active ones that are either unacknowledged or acknowledged. At the very bottom, we have the ability to default the filter based on the source and the display path. So the source is the actual tagged path here. So you can use the folders of Ignition to filter for particular alarms. So for example, I may want a filter for all of my motors. So everything that's in the Motors folders. I can just put star motors star. There's a wild card there to look for all the motors. Soon as I press enter, you can see now it's showing me all the motors in the list. If I remove that I can also do the same thing on the display path. The display path is when you type into each one of the configurations. So for example, I can look for all of the high amps, and do a star high amps star. And that will only show me the ones that are high amps; and so on and so forth. So it's possible for us to do just some basic filters on the status table, so that rather showing everything, we can show things based on priority, state, as well as the, tag path or the display path.

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