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Recover an existing Agent after it has been corrupted. This requires that a Gateway backup has previously been collected from that Agent.

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[00:00] In this lesson, I'll demonstrate how to set up an EAM agent using the Agent Recovery feature. If something goes wrong on an agent, like a hardware failure, you can use the Agent Recovery option to perform a system recovery and reinstall the modules and license. To use this feature, I'll go to the EAM setup page, which can be found in the Config section of the gateway under Enterprise Administration. I'll select agent and click next. Then I'll select agent recovery, and next again. I can click this dropdown to find my controller, but in order for it to show up, I need to have an active gateway network connection between this agent and the controller. If your controller isn't showing up, check your gateway network connection or set it up if you still need to. Once a controller is selected, you can click this dropdown to see the available agents that can be recovered from the controller. In order for an agent to be available for recovery, the controller needs to have archived backup files for it. When you're actually set up with an agent, you can run the Collect Backup task to grab those files, which I had already done with mine.

[01:02] I'll choose my agent and then click finish. The next screen will run through a list of post setup items, and it'll display the status of those items. In my case, it successfully retrieved my license, the list of modules, and downloaded the latest archived backup files in order to complete the setup. The agent gateway just needs to be restarted, which can be done by clicking apply files. Once the gateway is started up again, the gateway name is now IU_Agent, and the agent was recovered.

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