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Design Fundamentals

Take a deep dive into the world of visual design in the Design Fundamentals course. Brush up on your design knowledge as our design teams teach lessons on common design patterns and philosophies.

Length: 1 hr 28 min

Cognitive Load

Cognitive load represents the amount of working memory in a person. If a design is more complex in nature, then it can have a higher cognitive load, which results in poorer overall experience for the user. In this lesson we'll learn how to minimize cognitive load in our designs.


Responsive Design

Responsive design is the practice of building a user interface that looks great on a variety of screen sizes. In this lesson we will demonstrate several concepts of responsive design.


Visual Hierarchy

In this lesson we'll discuss Visual Hierarchy, which is the treatment and arrangement of objects in order to effectively communicate information.



In this lesson we'll discuss how icons and imagery can be used to enhance a design.



Anyone can add text to a design, but how do you make the text easily discoverable and easy to understand? In this lesson we'll discuss the world of typography, and provide some advice on how to better use written words.


Design Systems

In this lesson we'll explore Design Systems, which are a collection of files, practices, and styling that an application will follow.



Color is a powerful design tool that can convey meaning without ever using a single word. In this lesson we'll provide several tips on how to best use colors in your designs

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