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Reporting in Ignition

The Reporting feature in Ignition lets you create dynamic reports easily, access them via web at runtime, and print or export them at scheduled time.


Reporting Basics

Ignition Reporting is a module for creating dynamic PDF reports. Learn the basics of creating your first report.

  • This topic includes 34 minutes of video and 7 challenge questions.

Report Data

Learn about all the ways the Reporting Module collects data for use in a report.

  • This topic includes 25 minutes of video and 12 challenge questions.

Report Charts

Learn how to use Charts to create dynamic reports that display a graphical view of your data.

  • This topic includes 14 minutes of video and 9 challenge questions.

Report Tables

Create simple or highly customized tables in your reports. Learn how to alter certain rows of data, group data together, place charts or images in a table row, or create groups of tables to make the data easier to view.

  • This topic includes 27 minutes of video and 12 challenge questions.

Report Schedules

Create a schedule that will distribute your reports. The Reporting module will print, email, or save your reports automatically.

  • This topic includes 8 minutes of video and 5 challenge questions.

Other Reporting Module Components

Learn about the other Vision components that are included in the Reporting Module

  • This topic includes 7 minutes of video and 6 challenge questions.

Scripting in Reporting

Learn about the different scripting options available in the Reporting module.

  • This topic includes 8 minutes of video and 4 challenge questions.