Restoring Ignition Gateway Backups


Learn how to restore a Gateway Backup of Ignition. Understand the risks of overwriting a Gateway and remember to always make a backup of the existing configuration before restoring.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to take a look at how to restore a Gateway Backup onto an Ignition Gateway. Restoring a Gateway Backup is actually quite simple. First, from our Gateway webpage, we need to navigate to the Configure section by clicking on the Config tab on the left. We'll go ahead and log in using my username and password. And then once here, we will navigate to the Backup Restore page under System on the left. Here, we can download a backup of our current gateway, which we do recommend you do before you restore a Gateway Backup. But we can also click on this Restore tab. Here we can set some options about how the Gateway Restore process will work. For example, we can restore this gateway Disabled, which means all projects and connections will be disabled upon the restore.

[01:04] Or we could even choose to override the gateway name with a new one. We then need to choose our Gateway Backup file by clicking the Choose File button below and selecting a GWBK file for Gateway Backup. It is important to remember that when we restore a Gateway Backup, it will overwrite everything that is currently on the gateway, which is why we recommended taking a Gateway Backup prior to the restore. When you're sure that you want to do the restore, go ahead and click the Restore button down at the bottom. The Ignition Gateway will stop, restore our Gateway Backup, and then start again when it's done. And just like that, our Gateway Backup has been restored onto this Ignition Gateway. It is important to note that it is also possible to restore a Gateway Backup using the Ignition Gateway Command-line Utility.

[02:04] This involves opening up a command prompt and typing in the proper Gateway command with a certain modifier. You can find more information about the Gateway Command-line Utility as well as all of the modifiers in our user manual.

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