Offline Activations


Learn how to activate Ignition offline without an Internet connection from the Licensing page of the Gateway Configure section.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.1


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to take a look at offline activation. If your gateway does not have an active internet connection, you will need to do what's known as an offline activation. We can do this by first going to our gateway webpage and going to the licensing page either by clicking the link on the left or this activate ignition button on the right of the trial mode banner. We can then click the activate license button down at the bottom and type in our license key before clicking on the submit button to the right. You will notice that the gateway cannot detect an internet connection. And so the only available option is to activate offline. Like it says here, access to a device with internet is required for this process.

[01:01] So with that, let's go ahead and click the activate offline button. The first step of this process is to click on the download activation request button, which will download an activation message.text file. The second step then requires an internet connection. So here is where you would typically take that activation message.text file and transfer it to a computer that does have internet access. I'm simply going to re-enable my internet access on my computer here. With internet access, we then need to go to this link, which takes us to our website. This first section allows us to upload the activation message.text file that we downloaded earlier. I'll go ahead and hit the choose file button and select that text file. I then want to hit the upload activation file button.

[02:00] And you'll notice when we do that, our website actually spits back a license.IPL file. We need to take this file back to the gateway webpage. So this is typically where a transfer from the computer with internet access back to the gateway server would occur. I'll go back to my gateway and complete step three, which requires that we select our license.IPL file and then click the activate button down at the bottom left to activate our gateway. Reloading the license also works a little bit differently when we have an offline gateway. Because the gateway is offline we can't simply click this reload button anymore. What we actually have to do is unactivate this gateway and then reactivate it using the offline unactivation and activation processes. You can learn more about the offline unactivation process in a future video.

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