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Learn how to add history to Tags inside of UDTs.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] We can easily log tags inside of a UDT to the Historian. As you see here, I have a couple of data types. I have Motor and Tank. With my Tank, I have quite a few instances. I have Tank 100, all the way down to Tank 124. Now the great thing about using UDT's is that it's all defined in a single place; up here the definition. So if I go and edit the definition, I can go and select any tag here and log it to the Historian. Like, for example, I can select my Level_PV, go to history, say Yes, log it to my MySQL connection, select the scan class, and then potentially of course the Deadband and the Value Mode. I can also go down here to my Temp_PV, and say Yes, log history to the Historian, select the database, again the scan class, and all the other settings. Once I do that for a couple or, you know, two or more of those tags, I can press OK. And down below you'll see all the the instances automatically have a scroll icon to the right hand side of those tags showing that it's being now logged to the Historian. So any time I create a new instance of this UDT, those two tags will automatically start logging to the Historian for me.

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