Learn how to build the most basic alarm notification pipeline which will simply notify users as soon as the alarm becomes active.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Let's learn how to create a simple alarm notification pipeline in Ignition. I'm in the Designer. We can create new pipelines up in the Project Browser by going to the Global, Alarm Notification Pipelines area. Here I can right-click to create a new pipeline, as well as organize my pipelines into folders. Let's create a new pipeline here. So by default, it's going to be called, New Pipeline. I can right-click and rename it to whatever I want. I'm going to call mine, Notify. Every pipeline has a start block, in that, when the alarm occurs, it's going to come into the start block. And then from there, I can use other blocks here to determine what I want to do with that alarm. The most basic pipeline we can create is to simply notify somebody right away. So I can drag a notification block right into my pipeline. Once I drag it in, it's not hooked up yet. I do have to drag the output pin, the start block into the input pin, a notification. That way when the alarm occurs, it's going to go into start block, and then go right into notification block here. On the notification block, I have to configure which profile I want to send it out through, and who I'm going to send it to. So, down on the bottom left are the properties for that block. The first thing I'm going to do is specify which notification profile I want to use. Whether it be email, SMS, or voice. Now, these are the profiles you created in the Ignition Gateway earlier on. You can set-up an email notification type, you can set up an SMS notification type, and a voice notification type. I have all three configured here, so I'm going to choose the email. Then on the Contacts tab, we can specify who we want to send this alarm to. So, I'm going to go ahead and slide it to the Operators. So here is a very simple alarm pipeline, in that, when the alarm becomes active, it goes in the start block. And then, simply notifies all the Operators via email. And it does it just simply once.

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