Learn how to open a static set of windows automatically when a Client is opened.

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[00:00] When you open the Ignition client and log in, you want your users to view a certain set of windows by default. Ignition has a built-in mechanism to open a static set of windows on startup. You could have one or multiple windows open. It's very simple to set up. As a designer, you can see I have quite a few windows here that I've configured. Now, I don' want every window to open on startup. I want to select a few of them. So I'm going to right click on any window here and check the box to Open on Startup. Just a simple flag in the window. Once you do that, you see a little icon to the right-hand side, that looks like a little Play icon, saying that window's going to open on startup. So, if I save this and launch a client, the first one I'm going to see, in my case, is Main Window One. I only have one window here that's going to open on startup. So, soon as I log in to my project, I will see Main Window One is the only window here that's opened. Now, typically, from this window you're going to navigate to other windows. So you can have one or multiple. In my case, I maybe want a Navigation window open as well. So, I'm going to come down here to Navigation, I can right click, Open on Startup, save it, go back to my run time. I got to log out and log back in, since it's on Startup, and now you'll see the Navigation window and the Main Window One. And of course, with Navigation, I can get to other windows by navigating around, by swapping windows or by opening Popups. So, with Ignition, you could have one or multiple windows open on startup. All you got to do is simply right click and check that flag.

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