Learn how to locate all of the currently opened windows in a Client.

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[00:00] We can easily see which windows are currently open in the run time. If we are showing the menu bar at the top, there's a section called Windows that will show us all the windows that are currently opened. So, as you can see right now in My Client, I have two windows that are opened, Navigation and Main Window One. If I navigate around the different windows, like, if I go to Main Window Two, you can see now I still have two windows open, Navigation and Main Window Two, so that my tabs should appear as actually swapping between the different windows. Only one main screen's going to be open at a time. So, it's really nice to know exactly which windows are opened, especially when we have popup windows. So, if I open up Popup window, as you can see now, I have three windows that are opened, including the Popup. But it's possible that Popups can go behind a main screen. So, right now, the Popup's behind Main Window One. It's still open, though. If I go up here to Windows, I can see that it's still there in the list, I can click on it to bring it back to focus. So, here, we can easily see all the windows that are opened, and it allows us to pick and choose those, and, of course, close them if we need to close them. And by clicking on the window in that list, it allows us to bring it to focus, as well as, up here, you can close all of them, as well as you can close the individual popup window, or whatever one you have selected.

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