Learn how to customize the row styles for different states of alarm history on the Alarm Journal Table component.

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[00:00] Just like the Alarm Status Table, the Alarm Journal Table has the ability to change the colors of each of the individual rows based on the state of the alarm. We're using the same feature called the Alarm Row Styles that we get in the Customizer that comes with the component. So we can right-click on the component and go down to Customizers and select the Alarm Row Styles. In here you can add as many styles as you want, one or more. Each of the styles is going to have an expression and a color and if you want a blink or not. These ones were actually much simpler than the Alarm Status component. Here I'm just basically saying for the SystemEvent, I'm going to make it white. And looking at the eventState here, if it's Active, it's going to be red, Clear, it's going to be this blue, and if it's Ack, it's going to be green. So we could add more styles here if you want to or we can modify the expressions that currently exist. And we can use the priority, the event state, the event time, the value, we can use any part of the alarm here in our expression. If it returns true, we're going to use that style. If it returns false, we're not going to use that style. And of course these are in sequential order, so it's going to evaluate them from top to bottom. The first style that is true for each alarm is going to be the color that we choose. If you look here, after I put those in, I can see all of the red ones are all the Active, all the Clear are the blue, and all the Ack are the green. We can add more states in there if you want to, but you can easily change the colors of each of the individual rows.

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