Learn how to filter out alarm history data on the Alarm Journal Table component.

Video recorded using: Ignition 7.7


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[00:00] Not only can we filter the Alarm Journal table on a date range like we've done here, with the date picked at the top, the operator can select their start date/end date and see all the alarm history in that time period. There's other filters we can do as well. So if you click on the component and the designer and go down to their properties, at the very bottom there is some filters just like the Alarm Status component. So here I have a couple of check boxes for System Events, Active Events, Cleared Events and Acked Events and there are basically if I want to show any of those events, so for example if I uncheck the Cleared and Acked, I'm only going to show the Active and the System Events. If I just want to show Active by itself, I can simply just have the Active checked. If I just want to show Cleareds, I can just have the Cleared check. So we can do a basic filter here, but typically we want to show all these so I can see different colors representing each of the different states. There's also a way to filter based on a tag path. So if you configure alarms in particular folders in ignition, we can then filter here on this source filter. So I can basically say I want to look my motors by doing *motors, so I'm looking for any alarm that's in the Motors folder, and I can see all my motors in Alarm history. I can do the same thing for the Display path, the way you configure on the Display path for each tag it's up to you, just like the Status table, we can filter based on that here. So for example, I can filter for all the realistic ones by using the *'s again, as wild cards to find them in the system, as you can see now I am looking at all the Realistic. There is also a way to put our own search string here which can search for anything in their Defined Alarms so if I want to find something for Machine A, I can search for that and see all the Machine A's. We're going to look at another video how we can let the operator choose this search string and lastly, the filter we can do here is the Min Priority and a Max Priority, so we can filter based on priority. So right now it's showing us every single alarm on all the priorities from Diagnostic all the Critical. If I only want to show a Critical, I can say Min is Critical, Max is Critical, and I can just look at those particular alarms. And of course all these properties are bindable, in that you can put things on the window to let the operators choose and filter their own way.

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