Learn how the Trial period works for unlicensed modules, as well as how to reset the Trial.

Video recorded using: Ignition 8.0


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[00:00] In this video, we're going to talk about the trial timer. If you don't have a license applied to your Gateway, the Gateway will be in what's known as trial mode, a free two hour trial. During this two hour trial period, the full functionality of Ignition is available. You can create projects, connect to databases, create reports, launch your clients. Anything is possible within Ignition during the trial period. When that two hour trial period ends, there are certain things that will stop working within the Gateway. Your device connections will stop pulling tag data from your PLCs, you will be unable to launch Vision Clients and Perspective Sessions. You will be unable to execute reports among a few other things. However, we do still allow you to launch a designer and create a project. If you want to see your project in action and launch it in say a client or session, then you will need to reset the trial.

[01:10] When you reset the trial timer, that timer gets reset back to two hours where you can continue to play around with the full functionality of Ignition. Resetting your trial is very simple and it all starts here in the Gateway webpage. You'll notice right up at the top we have our trial banner and my trial has currently expired. To reset my trial, I need to log in to my Gateway. And click this button on the right here and type in my username and password. Once I've logged in, you'll notice on the right-hand side, there is a reset trial button. Clicking that will add our two hours back to that trial timer. Now, I can add a license to my Gateway by going to the licensing page.

[02:05] When I activate a license on the Gateway, if all modules that are installed are now licensed, the trial timer will go away because there is a license applied. However, it is possible to have a license applied and still have a trial timer. Let me apply a license really quick. You'll notice my license has now been applied, but I still have the trial timer up at the top. But this time it says licensed incomplete. In this case, I do have a license applied to my Gateway, but it does not license every single module that I have installed. And so that module is technically still in trial mode. I can see which modules are still in trial mode by clicking on this view modules button on the right of the trial banner.

[03:04] It's going to take me to my modules page, where I can see that my SMS notification module is still in trial. In this case, when the trial timer ends only the unlicensed modules will stop working. So in this case, I will no longer be able to send out SMS notifications, but everything else in the Gateway will continue to work because they are fully licensed.

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