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Agent Task - Backup and Restore


Learn how to create Agent tasks for collecting backups, restoring backups, installing modules, and restarting an Agent.

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[00:00] In this lesson, we'll take a look at collecting Gateway backups and restoring from Gateway backups on our agents. As you can see here, I have my Controller. I also have a agent Gateway, and I need to collect the backup of this Gateway. So, let's head over to the Controller. You can see here, that since we're dealing with Enterprise Administration, I'm in the Configure section, and if we scroll down here, I am under Enterprise Administration, and on the Agent Tasks page. So what I'm going to do here, since we're on this page, I'll click the Create new Gateway Task link here. And we'll focus first on the Collect Backup task. As the name implies, this simply collects a Gateway Backup from the agent, and then stores it on the Controller's EAM archive. With this task selected, let's scroll on down here, and I'll click the next button down below. And, of course, you can set up schedule. I'm just going to execute this one on demand here, but of course, you may want to actually have a reocurring schedule for all your agent backups here. Again, the backup we're about to collect is going to be stored on the Controller, so creating a schedule to collect backups from your agents would be a great idea and protect you against hardware failure on the agents. So, head over to the next page here. We'll click the Next button. Now we need to specify which of our agents we'd like to collect backups from, so I'll just select the agent named My_Agent and click Next. Then we have this Force Backup setting here. By default, if there hasn't been a change made to the agent's internal database, we simply won't collect a backup. We'll just skip it. This is to try to reduce the amount of hard drive space all of these backups take on the Controller, especially if you're not really making any changes to your projects. But, of course, if you needed to enable it for some reason, you can go ahead and set that to "true," which I will for right now. I'll go ahead and click Next. Gives us a little review. I'll just click the Finish button, and we have our new task. I haven't executed yet, so I think I'll collect a backup right now, though. I'll head over to the More drop-down. I'll click Run Now. It's going to give me a little confirmation message here. I'll click Confirm. And there we go. We collected a backup. Let's move onto the next task, so let's actually restore from that backup. So I'm going to click Create new Gateway Task link. We'll scroll down this list of tasks, and I will select the Restore Backup task here. So, we'll click Next again, and I'm just going to run this immediately here. Not going to bother with the schedule or anything like that. So I'll click Next again. Specify which one of our agents or groups. I'll just select My_Agent. Hit Next. Then we need to specify which one of our backups did we want to restore from. So I'm going to click this Choose File button here, and you can see we're actually in the EAM archive here. Additionally, we're looking at the agent called My_Agent, and you can see I have a couple of backups already. So, let's restore from the most the most recent one. I'll go to this directory here, and there's our Gateway backup, so I'll select that and click Open, and just like any normal Gateway restoration, there's a Restore Disabled option here. If you wanted all the agent's connections and settings to be disabled upon restart, which I'm going to leave off for right now. I'll just click the Next button down below, and then I'll click Finish. We'll execute the task, and I'll go check out My_Agent. I'll refresh the browser over here, and you can see that the agent is restarting, so it's just running through a normal Gateway restore now, meaning the agent is shutting down, our backups are being imported, and then the agent will start back up afterwards. So, once you start utilizing Enterprise Administration, it's very easy to start collecting these backups from your agents, and later restoring from those Gateway backups can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

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